Press Release: The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted Jewellery Software maker iDiamondCloud – Trademark

Press Release: The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted Jewellery Software maker iDiamondCloud – Trademark.
NEW YORK, April 4th, 2018

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted a patent to a technology developed by iDiamondCloud Inc. The patented technology utilizes to search your jewelry inventory, post item requirements, and place orders. The patent supports our quick reporting system lets customers analyze jewelry sales trends and eventually make them interpret and forecast growth correctly by analysis and developing business processes.

“This patent is recognition to our innovativeness and profound know-how in operational development. It creates a stronger base for us to continue to deliver process analysis software and services to our customers and opens an opportunity to a new kind of partnership business. We actively investigate possibilities to expand our business by selling this new technology to prospective customers. This would substantially speed up building the customer-base and achieving the customer benefits”, says Mr. Eli Borochoff, the Chief Executive Officer at iDiamondCloud Inc.

“The global automated jewelry software market is rapidly growing market. This patent strengthens our position as one of its key players. We expect the market to develop first in United States and Europe. As the largest software market in the world, the United States is also important for selling technology to other vendors’ platforms. Due to this we have applied and will continue to apply patents in the United States”, Mr. Sudipto Joel, Head, India Operations at iDiamondCloud India Private Limited continues.

In addition to the now obtained patent, iDiamondCloud plans to have Intellectual Property Rights Patent applications in the United States concerning technologies developed by the Company and relating to the use of Jewelry Software in the automated process jewelry inventory and accounting.

About iDiamondCloud Inc.
iDiamondCloud is a New York-based best-selling Jewelry Inventory and Accounting Product Software company with over 230+ clients globally. By integrating the iDiamondCloud as jewelry management solution, we let your Management team focus on the core business activities while our jewelry software makes your day to day operations run efficiently.
The application comes at a very nominal price of 1750 USD (One-time) and monthly maintenance and support at 60 USD only. For more information please watch this Youtube Video and visit our website

For further information of iDiamondCloud, please contact:

Mr. Eli Borochoff,
Chief Executive Officer
48 West 48th Street Suite 401
New York N.Y. 10036
Cell: 917-603-4731

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