iDiamondCloud: iGemCloud Jewelry and Gemstones Appraisal Software

iGemCloud is state of the art Jewellery software for jewelry appraisers. It is part of a family of software products used by jewelry appraisers, underwriters, and claims personnel. With this software, the appraiser can easily prepare a thorough and professional customized appraisal. Manage your jewelry appraisals online from anywhere in the world on all platforms. iGemCloud is the most powerful, advanced, comprehensive and easy to use jewelry appraisal software.

Creating and distributing appraisals has never been easier than with the 1-Step Appraisals software system. It allows you to easily create digital appraisals for watches, jewelry and more. The appraisals can be printed or emailed right from the software.

iGemCloud appraisal software is one of the best-selling jewelry appraisal software worldwide, with 200+ deployments globally. iGemCloud is designed for jewelers to speed up in the way all the modules work. For most appraisals, you can simply make choices from drop down menus which avoids typing and increases speed and efficiency. The iDiamondCloud Jewelry Appraisal Software is a jewelry appraising software made easy. It’s fast, easy, and profitable.

Maintaining the stock of diamonds, precious & semi-precious stones are more cumbersome than jewelry. A systematic approach towards organizing the root sector of Jewelry Industry is iGemCloud for Gemstones, which is web-based Software. iGemCloud have an array of features listed at Complete gemstone inventory & accounts management software with web-based functionality is being deployed and shall be live soon.

Features of iGemCloud are mentioned below:
Purchase of Ready/Rough Stones
Approval Receipts
Approval of Clients
Sales / Invoicing
Stock Analysis
Manufacturing from rough to finished stone
Barcode & RFID usage
Accounting (Payables/Receivables)
Advanced MIS
Estimation formulas built-in
Fully Integrated
Free upgrades
On-screen plotting tools
Online metals pricing
Digital Photography
Print Direct from our Software
Online Training
Network Compatible
Learning Video’s
Backup and Restore Feature Built into Program


Easy to use
Drop down customizable menus eliminate time-consuming typing of appraisal data. Easy to understand screens with buttons clearly guide you through the steps of creating an appraisal for your client.

Save Time
Customizable prototypes benefit you regulate your appraisals and save time, now you need no more cutting and pasting data! iGemCloud auto-calculates gemstones mass, onscreen plotting, digital imaging and just points, clicks and choose, then generate your gemstones appraisal on the go.

Leading-Edge Technology
You get a rock solid SQL server database that is internet ready. MS Office is the unified publishing platform so you have all the power of Excel, Word, PDF to edit your appraisal with ease – margins, fonts, styles, pagination, images, plots. You name it – you control it. To mail your clients immediately the appraisal you can easily generate a .pdf file for emailing instantly.

Customize Everything
iGemCloud is the most robust and customizable gemstone appraisal software assisting you to set up the software to fit the way you appraise. Systematize your appraisals and protect your time, now you need no more text to be copy and pasted! Generate appraisals for insurance, estate, liquidation, whatever the intended use, you are in complete control.

Multi-User: Network Capable
Gem Weights Auto Calculated
Integration with Rapaport, Guide, & Gem ePrice
Integrate and Store Digital Images
Print Report or Email as PDF
Customer Database Management
Point and Click Plotting
Colored Gemstone Color Grading Integration
Online Metal Pricing

Multi-User: Network Capable
Connect as many workstations as you like. Built on the Microsoft SQL platform IDiamondCloud has no limits, local or wide area networking is possible.

Gem Weights Auto Calculated
Customizable dropdown menus let you enter appraisal data speedily and easily for any type of jewelry including diamonds, gemstones, opal, pearls, watches, rings, and bracelets. You name it – IDiamondCloud will respond to your need. Auto-calculate gem weights, onscreen plotting, digital imaging and more. You are always in control.

Integration with Rapaport, Guide, & Gem ePrice
You control the valuation process – IDiamondCloud helps you with the math and makes it painless and easy. Integration of The Guide, Rapaport, and Gem ePrice is an option.

Integrate and Store Digital Images
iGemCloud supports the seamless integration of digital images allowing you to size and places them wherever you like in the appraisal. High definition digital images are an influential statement in your Jewellery appraisal. Want more than one picture per item? No problem in iGemCloud. Use whatever camera you like. iGemCloud can support any file type MS Word will accept.

Print Report or Email as PDF
You have complete control of the finished appraisal. IDiamondCloud puts you in control throughout the process from beginning to end. MS Word and PDF formats are the publishing interfaces, enabling you to edit your appraisal quickly with ease – margins, pagination, images, fonts, styles, and plots. You name it – you control it. You can generate.pdf file instantly of the appraisal to your email client.

Customer Management
Manage your client data with ease, recall and update previous appraisals. With iGemCloud now you can use your jewelry appraisal content to quickly generate client mailings. iGemCloud can also help you with business intelligence as it can generate reports for trade clients, and analyze your business trends.

Point and Click Plotting
With iGemCloud Jewellery appraisal becomes easy and now you can improve your plotting promptness and clutch the capability to print numerous copies of your appraisal without having to manually plot each one. It’s about time you have a tool for onscreen plotting of diamonds. (GIA does!) You can use a digital pen to plot directly on your computer screen and now you don’t need red and green pens. With the integration of the Perfect Diagram collection, you have hundreds of diamond diagram architectures at your fingertips. It’s about time!

Colored Gemstone Color Grading Integration
Why stop with plotting? Use whatever gem color grading system you choose in IDiamondCloud. You can even make one up if you like! But if you want the latest, why not try IDiamondCloud offering – iGemCloud? iGemCloud is fully integrated with PAS; match your gem color with the onscreen gem color palette. Click on the Save button and move on with your appraisal. Does life get any better for an appraiser?

Online Metal Pricing
Automatically update metal spot prices from Rapnet every time you start iDiamondCloud. Current metal spot prices and the date are automatically integrated into your appraisal.

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