Best Minimalist Luxury Watches for Men!

Sending you to other blogs, again? You must think we’re mad. Well, we are. Mad about style. Mad about gear. And today we’re mad about watches.

A good watch isn’t just an extension of style; it’s an extension of you. So it pays to know what your watch says about you, right. That’s why we’ve decided to share with you a list of the 21 best watch blogs to fill your boots with no-bullshit timepiece news and information. Sound good?

Before we are into the list, a great app for iPhone, Android and etc for you to keep up on all the latest Horology based news and info is Watch Ville. It’s something we can’t recommend enough, but we’ve also include a few extra Australian gems down below not included in the app. That being said, let’s get caught into the blogs, shall we?

Fratello Watches
Fratello Watches don’t just mark about watches because it’s an interest. They write about watches because it’s in their lifeblood. Robert-Jan and his team provide opinionated pieces with a firm grounding the real world. They might want to buy a Brigit Tradition by the end of the article, but they won’t kid you that you could afford it.

Bridge & Barrel
Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Sid of Bridge & Barrel covers all things horology but also manages to mix in a touch of style and a few other interests common to the modern man. He is right in saying that the style and watches tend to go hand in hand. We love the neighbourhood feel of his writing covering local events out of the great city of Melbourne.

The HODINKEE writers go beyond the watch. Although the inner-workings of a watch are important – and they know them in and out – the real feel you get is about the story of the watch. With a target audience of 35 year olds on $250,000 a year, they know they can afford their watches. In its place, they aim to put them to the check and see how a watch smears to life. And well, occasionally crush them with supercars too.

When it comes to fine watches, you expect a little bit of snobbery. That look down their muzzle whilst you try to recognize just what the hell a constant force contrivance is. Not with Monochrome. They combine the luxury feel of fine watches with a simple to understand, made-to-stick, principles.

Man of Many – The Wind Up
While Man of Many is not merely devoted to watches, it makes up a big part of our content. Whether it’s a declaration piece, emotional item, lifetime of savings, or thing of beauty on your wrist, we love celebrating watches

Kyle Stults’s Perpetuelle may be a site about the better watches in life. But, you wouldn’t know it to deliver it. He puts away all the affectation and discussions as if you’re two good friends having a beer, discussing what’s on his wrist. If you want to cut the shit and enjoy your read about good watches, this is the place to go.

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