What features should Jewelers consider before pursuing Jewelry Inventory Software?

Precise and wide-ranging inventory records can make or break a jewelry business.

Jewelers who can quickly identify fast-selling, high-margin items can maximize their profit, while less organized business owners trying to manage their inventory by a gut feeling and mental notes could face larger problems than simply untapped revenue.

Meager inventory record keeping doesn’t just mean you don’t know the ins and outs of your stock as well as you could – it also means that it could complicate the claims process when you turn to your insurance policy.

Thankfully, you no longer need to have an MBA or spend hours learning how to master spreadsheets for quality inventory management. Jewelry inventory software has become more robust and manageable over the past few years.

Unlike procuring inventory, it’s a reasonable bet that many jewelers aren’t accustomed to shopping for and purchasing software. Whether your trade has taken benefit of jewelry inventory software since it first became available or if you are bearing in mind, ask these questions when making a selection based on features.

Basic Features

Can it be deployed over the cloud?

Is it mobile-friendly?

Does the vendor offer training and support?

How user-friendly is it?

Intermediate Features

Will it track repairs?

Does it save customer purchase history?

Can it help manage pricing?

Will it offer supplier management?

Advanced Features

Does it have a design component?

Can it help manage appraisals?

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